The truth is that there are many cheap hotels in New York.

Another cheap hotel in New York is the Columbus Studios Hostel, which is located 106 West 83rd Street. This hotel charges less than $ 100.00 per night, and guests can enjoy the comfort that accompanies them. Located near Central Park, airport transfers are provided to guests who travel without any hassle. They will also use the wireless internet in the lobby and relax in the well-equipped guest rooms. These rooms have refrigerators and microwaves, which are a good deal in a New York hotel. Another cheap hotel in New York is Cosmopolitan Hotel in Tribeca, New York. Guests will pay between $ 129.00 and $ 159.00 for stylish and well-equipped rooms, with state of the art facilities. Guests will be able to see the latest news on cable TVs in each room. They will also enjoy private bathrooms and will be able to visit the city where this hotel is located along the underground. This makes their movement hassle free and will be able to easily run their jobs. These rooms are ideal for those traveling in groups because they come with a comfortable double bed. Gershwin is another cheap hotel in New York and is located on 28th Street in Murray Hill. Guests will spend about $ 99.00 per night, which is understandable for those on tight budgets. This hotel is a favorite among other visitors between Asian and European people. Rooms are clean and well-equipped and ensure that guests enjoy the amenities available for a small fee. Guests will enjoy private bathrooms and cable TVs in their spare time. Rooms are ideal for groups or families because they are large in size and have double beds. It ensures that people reduce costs and happiness while living in New York.

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